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More and more company allow their employees to work from home after affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This will become an obvious trend towards the future. It will eventually come down to how company monitor employees who work from home and how employee stay focuses and maximum productivity when they are working from home.

I study productivity, so you do not have to. You are busy. You have got work to do. There is someone who is about to interrupt you…as you’re reading this! You need to know what works…now.

Psychology, sociology, technology
As you read through, I will share what I know about “the psychology, sociology and technology” of productivity. You will get more done, faster when you understand:

Psychology: how do you think? How do you plan? How do you prioritize?

Sociology: how does the invisible affect the visible? How do you work with those around you?

Technology: how do your systems and tools support you? Where could you save time, using the tools you have been provided?

1.Psychology of Productivity

(Psychology: the scientific study of the human mind and its functions; Psychology is the science of mind and behaviour. Its immediate goal is to understand behaviour and mental processes by researching and establishing both general principles and specific cases.)

Understanding how we think, plan and organize ourselves is a significant aspect to everyday productivity and performance. One of the most important things I discuss when working with one of my executive coaching clients is their own mindset as it relates to and revolves around a High-Performance Day. When we make a mental to do list, when we sit down to think through a problem, when we bring a pre-conceived notion/idea into a meeting, we start shaping the hours and day to come. So, regarding leadership (whether acting as a leader or being led by others), it is important to understand the thinking/planning styles we ourselves “bring to the table.”

2. Sociology of Productivity

(Sociology: the study of the development, structure, and functioning of human society; Sociology is the study of society. It is a social science—a term with which it is sometimes synonymous—which uses various methods of empirical investigation and critical analysis to develop and refine a body of knowledge about human social activity.)

Then, we work together. I have an idea, you have an idea, we meet…and in that “meeting of the minds,” we continue to think, connect, and organize. How an individual, team and eventually a company grows is in direct relationship to the interactions. From the head of an organization, the CEO, Founder or Executive Director all the way down to the 5-hour-per-week intern…everyone at some point will have to interact with someone else. The ability to meet, greet and grow depends largely upon the understanding of sociological functions and relationship building.

3. Technology of Productivity

(Technology: the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes; Technology is the making, usage and knowledge of tools, techniques, crafts, systems, or methods of organisation in order to solve a problem or serve some purpose.)

And thirdly, how it all works together. You have an idea, I have an idea, and we need to organize that idea so that something happens, and that something is assessed…that is applying Technology to the endeavour. Of course, I am thinking in bigger terms (re: technology) than just computers, smart phones, and iPads. I am considering the organization, utilization and testing of what we know, what we think and what we invent. The ability to solve what we see as “THE” problem requires that we build something: A tool, a practice, a method that will alleviate some pain or increase some pleasure for the user.

Our focus is on:

1) Workplace Performance
2) Individual Productivity
3) Talent Development and Continual Improvement

We work with executives and leaders who up-level their productivity to new levels serving clients in aerospace, banking, hospitality, insurance, healthcare, government and business such as professional painting service Melbourne and deck builders Melbourne. Together, we build organizational systems and implement strategic best-practice behaviours to focus on priorities, manage change, and successfully plan for the future.

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About our seminar/coaching program:

Mastering Workplace Performance (MWP) Seminar Series

Many clients schedule quarterly Workplace Performance Seminars to incorporate best practices in the context of highly interactive workshops. These programs provide participants with practical strategies they can implement immediately.
Our custom presentations enhance personal effectiveness for each individual to achieve objectives and implement time management skills and habits.

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Our Executive Coaching Program

“I didn’t think you’d be so useful so soon; I was going to give you 5 minutes.”

This was a direct quote from a client we worked with lately. Our focus is on diving directly into the “time and productivity issues” you are facing and delivering immediate and lasting solutions to those problems.

For those individuals on the fast track to implementation, we offer the Workplace Performance Executive Coaching Program.

This one-on-one coaching takes place at your workspace and focuses on maximizing your individual workflow, tools and priorities.

Workplace Performance Coaching customizes your tools and strategies to solve the sources of overwhelm and puts improved systems into place. Together, we fine-tune your current organizational processes, track and eliminate sources of distraction and implement strategies to systematically getting things done.

Ready to overcome the roadblocks to your workplace performance?   Please leave your email to receive more details about our individual coaching options.

Point to notes prior seminars.

  • Your day-to-day accomplishments – and long-term achievements – depend on developing and maintaining sustainable and productive systems and processes of workflow organization and control. Our seminars and coaching programs show you how to enhance performance through customized personal effectiveness training.
  • These highly customized programs provide you with practical and proven techniques to enhance your personal productivity and maximize workplace effectiveness.
  • Our clients return to their offices/homes more than inspired to work with these “good ideas;” they already have an action plan and strategies to guide them through the implementation process.

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